Matching Young Talent to Suitable Host Organisations

South Africa is a country with very high unemployment rates, especially among our youth. In data released by Statistics South Africa in quarter one of 2022, the youth unemployment rate for those under 24 was 63.9%.

One of the main reasons school-leavers and young graduates cannot find permanent work placement is that they lack work experience. We know that gaining work experience in a reputable company is probably one of the biggest challenges facing our youth today. Equally, organisations seeking young talent are not sure where to start.

It is against this backdrop that the Learning Development Group, a NEXTEC People Solutions company, places such high importance on developing long-term talent acquisition strategies with organisations, and recruiting, selecting, testing, matching, and placing young talent with suitable host organisations.

We believe that by offering opportunities to our youth to gain real, practical workplace experience, life skills and skills training we can make it a reality for them to gain permanent employment.

With a conviction that a properly prepared and supported workplace is the key to permanent candidate placement, high employee retention and reducing unemployment, we go about developing solutions with experience, passion, and professionalism.


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