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The Space Between Us

A gap forms for many young professionals in the workplace between where they came from to where they are now as successful engineers, bankers, actuaries and chartered accountants. Coming from environments that are less than nurturing, or at times unable to provide basic emotional or physical needs, makes it hard to develop the psychological core needed to succeed.

These young professionals receive financial bursaries to attend the best schools and universities but are usually not supported psychologically in their endeavours to succeed and pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

If these young people are first generation professionals, the chances are minimal that they themselves had role models within the socio economic and business realms they now navigate.

NEXTEC People Solutions in collaboration with TSBU is offering some of the most comprehensive, psychology-backed learning development solutions to support young professionals in the workplace.

Through these interventions, young leaders can improve their rate of true success, impact their own life as well as the lives of others more positively and spread the word on the importance of mental health for our overall well-being.

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The Solution

  • Engage & Connect: Create platforms and opportunities for individuals to engage with each other, share stories, ask questions and get past the stigma of the topic.

  • Entice & Invite: Draw employees into engaged conversation about Mental Health so that it can be acknowledged and managed.

  • Develop Skills & Learn: Invest in giving employees the tools required to take ownership for their Mental Health and remain productive and resilient through whatever life throws at them.

  • Sustain & Grow: Put tools, resources and processes in place so that individuals and teams continue to engage about Mental Health, grow their skills and support each other through successes and failures.

Our Touchpoints & Benefits

  • Mental Health Talk: R 5,500 – 60 minutes

    A talk by a TSBU Psychologist, potentially together with a “guest” the audience can relate to who can share their personal experience. Available to large groups of up to 200 people.

  • Mindspace Masterclass: R 10,500 – 90 minutes

    Interactive discussion by a TSBU Psychologist with up to 50 participants. Greater degree of interaction through Q&A sessions and polls which attendees can participate in.

  • E-mail Course: R 399 – per person, per course

    A structured series of interactions for an open-ended group of participants over a period of 4 to 8 weeks. Participants receive weekly content via e-mail and asked to reflect and engage with the material through structured questions. A weekly check-in with the overseeing Psychologist could be included.

  • Online Workshops: R 25,500 -180 minutes

    Highly interactive workshop for up to 25 people with a TSBU Psychologist, including robust group discussions, polls and “breakaway rooms”. Each participant is able to participate actively and therefore benefit from the input and perspectives of the rest of the group.

  • Support Groups – R12,500 per meeting

    A group of 10-15 people meeting with a TSBU Psychologist on a recurring (weekly or bi-weekly) basis for a period of 3-6 months.  Highly personalised journey allowing not only new tools and concepts to be imparted, but application and internalisation.

  • One-on-one Therapy – charged by each Psychologist according to medical aid rates

    Where required, therapy can be provided by any of the qualified TSBU Psychologists.

Themes & Skills

  • How to build self-worth and esteem beyond performance. Dispelling the Imposter voice.

  • Interpersonal skills, especially as required to succeed in the work environment.

  • Racial identity development as a key to managing diversity.  Having a voice at the table.

  • Resilience to bounce back from difficult life challenges and transitions.

  • Integrating work, play and family – preventing burnout.

  • Resetting your emotional compass

  • Taking ownership in the new normal

  • Cultivating optimism

  • Becoming comfortably adaptable

  • Dealing with setbacks

  • Healthy habits and how to establish them

  • Building your village

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