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Learner Management Versus Learning Management

What is our Learner Management System?

As an institution that offers digital learning solutions and connected learning, we often get asked what the difference is between a Learning Management System and a Learner Management System.

In the context of our environment, we have three solutions for digitising online learning content and administering learners registered for online study:

  1. The eBrixx™ Learner Management System (LMS): is purely an administrative system for managing functions and processes associated with learners or delegates. It does not manage learning material or content. It usually falls under the scope of HR development and quality assurance. It streamlines processes like enrolment, tracking and reporting on learners and it manages other resources associated with learners like facilitators/instructors, classrooms, qualifications, and training interventions. Our system can be customised to meet specific organisational needs, and it can be integrated with digital learning platforms that host learning content. What makes it totally unique is it accommodates the South African learner management reporting requirements prescribed by SAQA, the SETAs and the Department of Labour.
  1. The Connect Learning Platform: is an eLearning platform or learning management system that manages and delivers learning content and processes, and it can also manage and administer learners. This platform is Moodle based so it does not accommodate SAQA and SETA reporting requirements. As a white-label platform, it is personalised to fit the branding of the organisation that uses it. To meet South African skills development reporting requirements, it needs to be integrated with our eBrixx™ Learner Management System. It is a customisable, scalable, and flexible web-based platform that supports online learning. Once connected to the platform, managers, facilitators, and learners can access and upload learning content via the internet anytime, anywhere.
  1. Learning Content Digitisation: this innovative solution should ideally be integrated with our two Learning and Learner Management Systems to maximise on the digital learning experience. We analyse your existing learning content (be it digital or not), define your requirements and create a customised online learning experience that is carefully curated, highly interactive and tech driven. It is designed to make learning interesting, engaging, effective and fun.

Simply put: our LMS manages learners and our connect learning platform manages learning processes and content! Contact us to find out how your organisation can benefit from our integrated learning solutions.

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