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What is SETA Verification / External Moderation?2021-04-19T20:13:44+02:00

Verification is a planned and systematic process for validating learner achievements and ensuring compliance to SAQA and SETA certification criteria. It is a means of ensuring that two or more providers delivering the same unit standards and/or qualifications are assessing consistently to the same standard, using valid instruments, and meeting the national standard registered on the NQF. SAQA refers to this function as “external moderation”.

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What do we mean by outcomes-based assessment?2021-04-19T20:24:30+02:00

Outcomes-based assessment is the deliberate collection of evidence of student learning based on outcomes. It yields a mark relative to the outcomes (criterion referenced) rather than other students.

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Which qualifications are available?2021-04-19T20:24:57+02:00

The LD GROUP has over 200 registered qualifications available across multiple industries – For specifics on our accredited qualifications on offer, vist the sites via the links provided or contact us.

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What is a non-accredited short course?2021-04-19T20:27:12+02:00

A non-accredited short course has no connection to an external accreditation or professional body. Non-accredited courses focus on equipping students with specific knowledge and skills-sets. A non-accredited course can help you develop in your current and future career.

What is meant with Moderation in Learning & Development?2021-04-19T20:28:01+02:00

“Moderation” means the process which ensures that assessment of the outcomes described in National Qualifications Framework. standards or qualifications is fair, valid and reliable. Moderation is carried out for assessments involving a variety of assessment techniques, such as work samples, simulations, role-plays, written assignments and exercises, portfolios and projects. Moderation activities include pre-assessment interactions with assessors, interactions during assessments and post-assessment interactions.

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What is Learning & Development?2021-04-19T20:29:38+02:00

Learning Development or (L&D) is defined as the process of empowering employees with specific skills to drive better business performance. This can involve upskilling employees to perform better in their existing roles or reskilling them so they take on new roles in the organisation and fill the skills gaps that are prevalent in the modern workplace.

What is an Accredited Assessor?2020-11-05T13:13:48+02:00

An “assessor” is the person who is registered by the relevant Education and Training Quality Assurance body in accordance with criteria established by a Standards Generating Body to measure the achievement of specified National Qualifications Framework standards or qualifications.

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What is an Accredited Skills Programme?2021-04-19T20:36:02+02:00

Your Content Goes HereAn accredited Skills Programme is an occupation-based learning programme aimed at building skills that have economic value, and which incorporate at least one-unit standard. It is registered by a SETA and delivered by an accredited training provider and it leads to a qualification registered on the NQF.

What is an accredited qualification?2021-04-19T20:36:40+02:00

When a course or qualification is accredited, it means an official body (such as a SETA or Professional Body) gives authority to an educational institution when specific standards are met in term of the standards and quality of education being adhered to. The resulting Accredited certification can describe any certification or qualification issued by such an Awarding Body.

What is meant by accreditation and scope?2020-11-05T13:12:36+02:00

Accreditation involves the certification, usually for a particular period of time, of a person, professional body or an institution so that they have the capacity to fulfil a specific function in the quality assurance system set up by the South African Qualifications Authority in terms of the SAQA Act. Accreditation scope refers to the “list of qualification(s) and/or unit standard(s) for which a body is accredited for a defined purpose.”

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