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What do we mean by Student Placement?2021-04-19T20:22:03+02:00

Student Placement involves recruiting, selecting, testing, placing, and matching the right student to a suitable job and organisation, so that Work-integrated learning (WIL) takes place. It results in practical placement within an organisation that is related to a specific career field. The student applies the knowledge they learn in class to their chosen field of interest and this allows them to build confidence, develop a skill-set and to apply theoretical concepts in practice in the workplace.  This ensures relevant skills are acquired for entry into the workforce on graduation.

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What do we mean by Hosting Learners?2021-04-19T20:32:10+02:00

Hosting is a partnership between two companies and a learner, where one company (the sponsor) funds a learnership programme (the learnership), and the other company (the host) provides the workplace facility and dedicated mentors to assist and guide learners.

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