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Skills Development Levies

By |2020-10-30T21:44:58+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Skills Development Levies The levy grant scheme, legislated through the Skills Development Levies Act, 1999, serves to fund the skills development initiative in the country. The intention is to encourage a planned and structured approach to learning, and to increase employment prospects for work seekers. According to the Skills Development Levies Act, all employers [...]

Skills Development Facilitation

By |2020-10-30T21:44:24+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Skills Development Facilitation Skills development facilitation is the process where a Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) analyses, plans, implements, and reports on all training activities in an organisation. The SDF develops and monitors personal development plans for each employee, draws up Workplace Skills Plans (WSPs) and is responsible for SETA related duties for the organisation. [...]

Skills Development Act

By |2020-10-30T21:43:24+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Skills Development Act The Skills Development Act aims to expand the knowledge and competencies of the labour force in order to improve productivity and employment. The main aims of the Act are: To improve the quality of life of workers, their prospects of work and labour mobility.

Scheduled Online Classes

By |2020-10-30T21:42:23+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Scheduled Online Classes Online classes at FTI are scheduled. Should you miss a scheduled session, recordings are available for a limited time thereafter. Exams and tests are scheduled well in advance to give you sufficient time to prepare, should you miss an exam due to ill health a replacement test will be made available. [...]

Report Submissions to DOL

By |2020-10-30T21:41:09+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Report Submissions to DOL If your company is a designated employer and registered as such with the Department of Employment and Labour, then EE reports must be submitted annually before 15 January

Privately Funded Training Interventions

By |2020-10-30T21:40:29+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Privately Funded Training Interventions South African companies are required to spend a specified percentage of their total payroll on Skills Development - so directly sponsoring, mentoring and employing learners provides an immediate solution to most businesses. If a business needs to improve its overall score card and already has fulfilled its Skills Development obligations, [...]

Pivotal Programmes

By |2020-10-30T21:39:45+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Pivotal Programmes PIVOTAL Programmes is an acronym which means Professional, Vocational, Technical and Academic learning programmes that result in occupational qualifications or part qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework e.g. Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Recognition of Prior Learning, Skills Programmes and Graduate Development.

Outcomes-Based Assessment

By |2020-10-30T21:39:11+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Outcomes-Based Assessment Outcomes-based assessment is the deliberate collection of evidence of student learning based on outcomes. It yields a mark relative to the outcomes (criterion referenced) rather than other students.

Our Qualifications

By |2020-10-30T21:37:54+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Our Qualifications The LDGROUP has over 200 registered qualifications available across multiple industries - For specifics on our accredited qualifications on offer, vist the sites via the links provided or contact us.

Online Lectures

By |2020-10-30T21:37:06+02:00Oct 30th, 2020|FAQs|

Online Lectures Through the live online lectures, you will develop relationships with other students. There is quite a bit of interaction between other learners including group assignments, online discussion forums, breakaway sessions and class discussions.

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